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Silage Storage Bishop's Ag Services

Brian Stienmetz | Reedsburg, Wisconsin

We had Matt Bishop from Bishop’s Ag services install one of their inoculant systems on our chopper this spring so we could use the Sila Sweet water soluble product. We were filling our silo and it was late in the evening when we realized that the silo was full and by the time we got everyone stopped we had three wagons full. We left them sit over night and the next day started filling again.

Right away there were two things we noticed, one the silo was cool when I went up to level it, and two when I unloaded the wagons they were also still cool, like there was not hot steaming feed!

Now we are into our corn silage treated with the Sila Sweet LB product and I have great bunk life and the cows are doing great!

All in all great service, great product from Matt.

Bishops Ag Services Testimonial 200 head herd

Ridgetop Dairy | Plain, Wisconsin

We are milking about 200 cows. The product is very easy to mix and it keeps the silage fresh at the bunker and in front of the cows and its very economical!